XAPTEC - industrielle Bildverarbeitung


Classical measuring technology and the
advantages of the compound eye.

XAPTEC - industrielle BildverarbeitungXAPTEC - industrielle Bildverarbeitung

Xaptec XS-U Series

The ā€œUā€ stands for universal. The XS-U-series detects, according to the branch, surface faults like chatter marks, rolling impressions, welding residuals, flow anomalies, streaks, cracks or faulty coats. Additionally it is possible to detect the strip location, edge location or edge cracks with a high precision. The system is dimensioned at the circumstances of the production and the faults which are to be detected.

Xaptec XS-S Series

For the detection of welds Xaptec XS-S was developed. Special about this system is that no monitor hole or any other mark is needed to recognize and control the weld. The Xaptec XS-series detects faults in the weld automatically and informs the user.

Xaptec XS-H Series

According to its matches the XT-H-series the XS-H-series detects holes and delivers the hole information such as size, form factor, location or a binary image of the fault through a data cable to the user. Like in every other system the whole data processing takes place inside of the system, so no PC is needed. Only for visualization a PC can be used.

Xaptec XS-W Series

The Xaptec XS-W-series is especially designed for the width measurement following the functioning of the reflected light procedure. Because of its thin assembly and its compact design it does not need much space to be integrated. Additionally it is possible to detect strip data such as strip location to use them for the strip guiding. For the integration one only needs to connect the power supply and a cable for the data transfer.


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