XAPTEC - industrielle Bildverarbeitung


Classical measuring technology and the
advantages of the compound eye.

XAPTEC - industrielle BildverarbeitungXAPTEC - industrielle Bildverarbeitung

To produce effectively and to avoid errors is the aim of every production process. The industrial vision supports production lines to reach this aim by automating the identification of faults. Through this, errors are recognized and banned completely.



The Xaptec GmbH produces optical sensors and high-tech-measuring systems for industrial vision. Xaptec is specialized on the multi-sensor technology, which delivers a lot of advantages, when several cameras are used for image processing. The products are designed, developed and constantly improved by a team of highly skilled engineers. All products are „Made in Germany” labelled.

Inspired by the compound eye of insects Xaptec has developed and produced a sensor technology that has taken the advantage of a concept which stood the test of time in nature for thousands of years. When conventional camera systems come up against technical borders, Xaptec GmbH provides further tools for industrial vision.


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