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Classical measuring technology and the
advantages of the compound eye.

XAPTEC - industrielle BildverarbeitungXAPTEC - industrielle Bildverarbeitung

L&_P – automation

L P Logo 11 2015L&_P Elektroautomatisations GmbH deals with the development, planning and construction of testing and manufacturing facilities and works together with well-known companies of the special machinery as well as with manufacturers of SPS steering and image processing systems. Beneath measurement systems for way, rotation angle and power measurement, also image processing systems for attendance checks, surveys, surface analyses, code detection and color registration are used in the control systems. In the field of attendance checks a testing device for the automobile industry was retreaded with the help of Xaptec. In the past moveable reflector technology was used but now Eye-sect XL takes over the recording of images. This new testing device is not only more efficient, he also needs less throughput time and because of the waiving of mechanic the maintenance intervals were reduced to a minimum.

IMS – system solutions in the metal branch

IMS Logo 11 2015In the metal working industrie “IMS Messsysteme Gmbh” from Heiligenhaus is the leading manufacturer of x-ray-, isotope- and optical measurement systems. In order to develop the innovations in this branch, IMS GmbH counts on the sensor technology of Xaptec.

Ventech Systems – tire control

Ventech Logo 11 2015The enterprise Ventech Systems from Dorsten is the manufacturer of the “Pneuscan Systems” which are used for controlling tires by a simple drive over an embedded sensor. The tire is checked for air pressure and thread depth, this helps to reduce the fuel consumption and to increase the tire lifetime. For their products Ventech Systems uses components of the Xaptec GmbH. A special Version of the Eye-sect XF supports the “Pneuscan System” during the thread depth measurement.

ThyssenKrupp Steel

ThyssenKrupp Logo 11 2015ThyssenKrupp Steel Duisburg is part of the ThyssenKrupp AG and belongs to the technologically leading providers of quality steel worldwide. With about 29.000 engaged employees and high efficient plants ThyssenKrupp Steel delivers intelligent steel products for the innovations of tomorrow. So it was nearly preprogrammed that ThyssenKrupp is going to use a system of the Xaptec GmbH. Special about this installation in year 2008 was that it was the first installation of the Xaptec GmbH ever. Thanks to the pioneering spirit of ThyssenKrupp this rapid development was possible.


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